Smith Jones Friends & Family Reward Scheme – £100

A lot of our business comes from personal recommendations from our satisfied clients and we hope you are one of them. We would like to reward you for that so we have introduced a Smith Jones Friends and Family Loyalty Scheme.


If at any time a friend or family member of yours has a claim just recommend us to them and we will pay you a thank you of £100.00 if we take the case on*. Simple as that!


Just make sure that, when the friend or member of your family rings, they tell us who you are and how you know us. It is essential the injured person calls us directly.


If you are the injured person and your friend has already given you our details then please call us to discuss your accident claim. You can call us on our friends and family freephone: 0800 0187 047 or alternatively, request a callback.


*Terms and conditions apply.


Note that for legal reasons we will not agree with a potential claimant in advance of them instructing us that we will make such a payment to their family or friend as a condition or inducement for them to instruct us and our staff are prohibited from discussing such payments. Any payment we may agree to make is at our discretion and a thank you for the recommendation.

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