When taking a taxi, you are entrusting a stranger to get you from A to B in full control of a vehicle. If you have chosen this safe and convenient method of transport after a night out, for example, you should not be placed in any danger. Unfortunately, accidents do happen though. Taxi Accident Claims can be made if you are left injured in a taxi accident. It is not the driver himself/herself that will have to pay compensation, but it is their insurance company that will cover all costs. When making a taxi accident insurance claim we will aim to get the compensation that you deserve for your injury & suffering.



Making a Taxi Passenger Accident Claim

Our highly experienced road traffic accident team are accredited by The Law Society and have advised thousands of clients in relation to car accident claims and taxi claims. If you’ve been a passenger in a taxi accident then call us on Freephone helpline 0800 195 95 90 for a no obligation appraisal of your taxi accident claim.


If it is found that the taxi accident was due in part to the poor upkeep of the vehicle, then the Taxi Firm has both put you in danger, but has also broken the law. According to the Health & Safety at work Act of 1974 employers, in this case, taxi companies have a duty of care to both their employees & customers. This law also applies to the self-employed cab drivers.



What is the Taxi Accident Claims Process?

By instructing us to begin a taxi accident claim on your behalf, we will work to ensure that you receive compensation for the injuries you have sustained, any associated medical expenses, lost income, lost potential income and other related expenses that you incur as a result of being involved in an accident. We will also work to ensure that you receive the best possible care and rehabilitation for the injuries that you have sustained.

What if the driver was uninsured? Well, there is still every chance of getting justice for you, read more.



Taxi Accident Compensation – FAQ


What Injuries Can I Claim For?

The injuries that a personal injury solicitor could help you claim for as the victim of a taxi passenger accident are the same as any road traffic incident. These are generally whiplash, broken bones, stress and emotional trauma, or anything else that has left you suffering physical inconvenience. As part of an injury claim, we will always aim to ensure you are compensated for any financial hardship that you have suffered as a direct result of the accident.



What Do You Need to Do when Filing A Taxi Accident Claim?

The first thing that you will have to do is inform your driver that you think you may have been injured as a result of the accident.


It is important that you make a note of where were you when the taxi accident occurred & at what time did it happen? Were there any external factors that made the accident unavoidable, such as poor visibility caused by adverse weather conditions? If you can take photos wherever possible, as visual evidence will be hugely beneficial when making taxi passenger claims.


Next, you should take the contact information from everybody involved. Make a note of the name, address telephone number and number plate of every vehicle – in addition to the registered details of your driver. These should be displayed clearly in the cab. Also find out if anybody witnessed the accident, and if they are willing to provide their account of what happened.


You should seek immediate medical attention to ascertain the extent of your injuries, even if they seem minor at the time. This will be hugely important when it comes to making a claim with a personal injury solicitor, so ensure that you receive detailed discharge documents from any hospital or doctor that assesses you.


Of course, another pivotal part of the process is ascertaining who was to blame for the taxi accident. If it was the driver of either of the vehicles our team of personal injury solicitors will pursue their insurance company, but if it was a mechanical problem the blame may lie with the taxi’s manufacturer.



Road Accidents Where The Driver Of The Taxi Was At Fault?

All taxi drivers have a duty of care to his or her passengers to keep them safe. If your driver was at fault for the accident that caused your injury, you should be able to puruse a taxi accident claim against them. Blame for your injury could be attributed to the driver of your taxi if they were:


  • Driving without due care or attention, and failing to concentrate on the road
  • Driving outside of the speed limit
  • Driving in any other way that could be considered dangerous, such as failing to follow the rules of the road (driving through a red light, driving through a no-entry sign, conducting an illegal manoeuvre such as a U-turn in an area where such actions are forbidden)
  • Using a mobile phone or another electrical device, such as programming a Sat Nav
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs



Was Another Driver Or A Third Party At Fault?

It is equally likely that another driver may have been at fault for the accident for any of the reasons above, or by forcing your taxi driver to make an emergency evasive manoeuvre to prevent a collision. Likewise, a pedestrian walking out into the road and causing your driver to swerve could have caused the accident, or a local authority could be to blame for lack of appropriate road maintenance and safety.


When it comes to pursuing a successful taxi accident claim, it is particularly important that you take details and locate witnesses so that our specialist road traffic accident team can build a case in your favour.



Was The Taxi Company At Fault?

It’s possible that the car itself caused your accident through mechanical failure, in which case the taxi company could be at blame.


Even if the driver caused the accident themselves, their employer might be liable for your injuries if it is brought to light that they failed to vet and train their employees appropriately. This will all be taken care of by the team here at Smith Jones Solicitors. All you’ll need to do is ensure that you provide us with the appropriate information so we can handle your claim with the best possible chance of success.



What If It Was An Unlicenced Taxi?

It is never advisable to make use of an unlicensed taxi, as it makes it more difficult to make a claim in the event of an accident – you will not have any guarantee that the driver will be insured, for example. However, the advice remains the same as above. Take as much information as you can from all parties involved, as you may be eligible to seek legal action against the driver as an individual. It may be the case that the claim goes through the Motor Insurance Bureau. If you have any doubts as to whether you will be entitled to make a personal injury claim or have any questions, please do get in touch.


Do not delay if you have been injured whilst riding in a taxi. You may be eligible for compensation, and the sooner you get the ball rolling on any potential claim, the more likely you are to be successful. The personal injury solicitors at Smith Jones are waiting by the phone to hear from you, and all have to do to get in touch is call 0800 195 95 90. Alternatively, you can use our online contact service and ask us to call you, which we will do at a time slot that you choose. Get in touch today