It is something we all dread, but distressingly, fatalities on the road are all too common. Here at Smith Jones Solicitors, we understand that compensation will not be the first thing you think about after a loved one has passed away. However, we are here to support you with the financial and emotional costs that often come afterwards.


If one of your loved ones has been involved in a fatal road accident that was not their fault, our compassionate, professional solicitors at Smith Jones are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve. Whether as the driver of a car, the rider of a motorbike, or as the passenger, fatal road accidents can be caused by a variety of events and circumstances. However, more often than not, accidents can simply be down to human error. Some of the most common causes of fatal road accidents include:


  • Distracted drivers
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Drivers driving while drunk
  • Driving when texting



What The Law Says about Fatal Accident Claims

When it comes to the compensation award from a successful fatal accident claim, the question arises who is to be the beneficiary? According to the Fatal Accident Act it would be the dependants of the deceased that would be entitled to receive the compensation awarded. These would include:

  • A wife or husband of the deceased.
  • A civil partner or someone who has been cohabiting for more than two years prior to the death.
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Close Relatives such as brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.

Fatal road accidents can become very complicated and are treated seriously by authorities and the court systems. We are here to help you through this distressing time and offer you free advice on freephone 0800 195 95 90.



Claiming For Fatal Car Accidents – FAQ’s


Common Types


Distracted Drivers

Fatal road accidents often occur when drivers get distracted. Driving is an activity that requires a lot of concentration, and this applies even to the most experienced and capable drivers. Any slight mistake is tantamount to an accident taking place. Fatal road accidents that arise from distracted drivers happen due to the many factors that can contribute to a driver’s lack of concentration. These factors could include driving when making or answering calls or using a sat-nav. These actions can have horrific outcomes.


If you would like to make a claim that involves a distracted driver causing a fatal road accident, our solicitors would like to hear from you. If it is proven beyond any doubt that the driver was actually distracted, we will be sure to assist you in getting the compensation you are entitled to.


Speeding Vehicles

Drivers that end up breaking the speed limit when driving could end up causing fatal road accidents. Whenever speed is excessive, there is every possibility of a driver losing control, leading to a fatal road accident. The car could veer off the road, hitting objects that are stationary such as trees, and even hitting passers-by with grave consequences.


In the event that you sustained bad injuries or even lost a loved one during a fatal road accident at the hands of another driver, you are entitled to make a compensation claim. Our solicitors will help you in building a good case especially if it is revealed that the driver was at fault.


Drunk drivers

Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other type of illicit substance is strictly illegal. However, this has not stopped people from driving whilst drunk or under the influence of drugs and sadly is one of the major causes of fatal road accidents.


If a driver is proven to have caused a fatal accident through being drunk or under the influence of drugs, then we can assist you in recovering damages. Here at Smith and Jones we can assist you in a car crash claim against a drunk driver and get the very best possible outcome for you.


Driving whilst texting

One of the most rapidly growing causes of fatal road accidents is drivers who try to multi-task – driving and texting all at once. The term “texting” also means the use of social media and other phone-related activities.


Our solicitors are highly experienced in assisting loved ones who have lost a family due to phone use by another driver. We promise to help you every step of the way in getting you the compensation you so clearly deserve.



Begin The Process

When considering a compensation claim, it is important to know where to begin. Such cases are not always easy to get the result you need, which is where Smith Jones Solicitors come in.


Our qualified solicitors specialise in assisting people that have been victims of fatal road accidents that were not their fault. We treat everyone the same, whether it is yourself who has suffered an injury or even lost a loved one. With over 30 years’ experience, Smith Jones will ensure you get the very best service and the compensation you are entitled to.


We will help you get a professional examination of all evidence at hand and use our experience to give you a full and detailed report of the likely outcome of your claim.


If you wish to contact us regarding a fatal road accident,you can call call our freephone helpline on 0800 195 9590. Our specialist team are equipped to attend to your claim professionally and sensitively. You can also contact us online and we will call you back at a time to suit you.