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Hand Injury Compensation

If you’ve been involved in any type of accident that wasn’t your fault – and have suffered any type of injury as a result of it – then the team at Smith Jones Solicitors are here to help you every step of the way.

However you may have sustained a hand injury – whether it was due to an accident at work, as a result of a motoring incident or simply from a very simple slip, trip or fall – you can certainly rest assured that you’re not on your own and that we’re here to help you with your hand injury claim every step of the way.


There is no financial risk to you in pursuing a 'no win no fee' claim with Smith Jones.

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Hand Injury Types

These injuries can be life changing for the victim, especially if suffered by the dominant hand. Smith Jones have advised injured people in relation to many hand injuries, including:

  • Cuts and deep lacerations
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Broken or fractured thumb/fingers
  • Loss of thumb/fingers
  • Loss of a hand
  • Injuries resulting from an industrial disease
  • Burns
  • Crush Injuries


All types of accident can result in hand injury, but the most common ones are accidents at work, slip and trip accidents, Road Traffic Accidents, and sports accidents. These injuries can take anywhere between a couple of weeks to recover to injuries that last a lifetime. If you have suffered hand injuries after an accident that wasn’t your fault, then the team at Smith Jones Solicitors can help you with your hand injury claim and get the compensation you deserve.

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What Will Happen if I Decide to Make a Hand Injury Compensation Claim?

As no two cases are ever the same it’s very difficult to say what your journey with us might look like. For example, if the other party admits liability and makes an immediate offer of settlement, then you might not need to attend any medical appointments or enter into a negotiation process.


If, on the other hand, the other party feels that they were either ‘not’ to blame for the incident – or feel you were at least ‘partly’ to blame for it (otherwise known as ‘contributory negligence’) – then it’s likely that we’ll recommend getting an expert opinion on your injuries and will then enter into negotiations with them. The same is also true of more complex cases since we’ll never usually recommend settlement if there are still ongoing medical issues. All these need to be fully assessed prior to agreeing on a settlement amount.


However, whichever way your case goes, you can certainly rest assured that you’re in safe (and knowledgeable) hands. We’ll always explain every step of the process to you and will never agree to something you don’t want us to.

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Hand Injury Compensation – More Info

Minor Hand Injuries

Minor injuries to the hand, such as cuts and scrapes, are a common occurrence in a lot of accidents. As a result, these types of injuries are often overlooked.

If you suffer minor cuts to the hand, the first course of action should be to stop any bleeding. Once this is done, you can then attend to cleaning the wound and dressing it. This will help to prevent infection and any further harm. If there are any signs of infection, it is recommended that you see your doctor so that they can treat it.

Bruising and swelling in the hand, or the fingers, could be an indication that your fingers are broken. If you think this is the case, then you should visit A&E as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

For more information regarding the compensation available for minor hand injury claims, you can visit our useful hand and finger injuries compensation calculator. Alternatively, you can read our page on other upper body injury claims for more information.



How Compensation From Your Hand Injury Can Help You

The main purpose of compensation is to put you back into the position you would have been in had the accident not occurred.

If, for example, your hand has been injured in a road traffic incident that wasn’t your fault then you may be able to claim both ‘general damages’ and ‘special damages’ from the person who was to blame for it.

‘General damages’ are the amount you’ll be looking to claim in respect of any personal injury you might have suffered. Because no two cases are ever the same, general damages can often be quite difficult to assess – especially if your condition is considered to be long-term or even permanent, since any compensation amount will have to take account of any future needs you might have, such as ongoing prescription costs and even (in more serious cases) domestic help around the home.

Hand injury compensation amounts

Whilst it’s very difficult to say how much compensation you might receive for your hand injury claim, however, you can use our online calculator in order to get a very rough idea of how much you might receive. To have a look click here: https://smithjonessolicitors.co.uk/claims-calculator/

‘Special damages’ are much easier to quantify since these are made up of actual expenditure, such as prescription charges, travel expenses, loss of earnings, out-of-pocket expenses (such as car parking tickets) and so on. When you contact us, you’ll be advised to keep a note of all these so that we can claim all these back for you. We’ll also discuss other considerations with you – such as whether you might have missed a promotional opportunity at work due to you having to take any time off after your accident. Again, this is simply to ensure that you’ve put back into the position you would have been in had the accident not occurred in the first place.



Hand Injuries At Work

Hand injuries can occur through all sorts of accidents, ranging from very simple slips, trips and falls right through to road traffic incidents.

If however, your hand injury has occurred as a result of accident at work, then it may be that your employer has breached the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The main purpose of this Act is to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy place within which to work so if your employer has fallen short of this requirement then they might well be at risk of prosecution.

More serious accidents may result in you losing a finger, or in you needing to have a finger amputated. Following a serious accident, one or more fingers may be amputated, and it may even leave you out of a job indefinitely.



Loss Of A Hand

Severe accidents may result in you losing a hand, or needing the hand amputated. This could be required if you have suffered an accident resulting in:

  • A severe infection in the hand;
  • Gangrene in the hand (increased risk of occurring after a serious injury);
  • Serious trauma to the hand (such as a trapping/crushing injury);
  • The hand being deformed leaving it with minimal function.

In some unfortunate cases, both hands can be amputated following a severe accident, often resulting in the injured person having to give up work indefinitely. Surgery will be required, and afterwards you may require rehabilitation, in the form of physiotherapy.

Psychological rehabilitation may also be provided, especially if the injuries have had a significant impact on your life. This is just as important as physical rehabilitation in getting your life back on track. Psychological and occupational therapy can help you cope with the reality of your injuries and may be able to prepare for the daunting task of returning to work.

Losing a limb can fundamentally affect a person’s way of life, especially one which can have a tremendous effect on people’s work and hobbies. Our team understand the effect that amputation can have on you and your loved ones, and will be there to support you every step of the way.



Types of Hand Injuries

Put simply, we deal with all sorts of hand injuries – ranging from the very minor, right through to the more severe, such as amputation. Listed below are just a very few of the many hand injuries we deal with on behalf of our clients:


Occupational hand injuries

Hand injuries can result from repeated overuse and injury over years of working with them. The most common conditions affecting the hand are repetitive strain injury and vibration white finger. These usually occur in the workplace and can present real problems in your work and social life. Our solicitors will take all of this into account when helping you claim for an occupational hand injury.


Many people that contact us about an injury that has developed due to their work are concerned about the impact a claim may have on their employment. It is understandable that you may be worried about bringing a claim against your employer however, the likelihood is that most of the claim will be dealt with by your employer’s insurer. Companies are required to have insurance to cover such circumstances and so work accident claims are not uncommon.


Tendon injuries

Tendon injuries are extremely common and are usually caused by a penetrating injury to the hand. Although they’ve often considered not to be serious, if they’re left untreated they can sometimes result in severe functional loss. For this reason, it’s important you seek medical advice as soon as possible since the two main tendons (known as the ‘extensors’ and ‘flexors’) serve an incredibly useful purpose in maintaining the hand’s overall mobility.


Hand fractures

A fracture can occur in any of the hand bones and can either be relatively simple (involving just two fragments) or much more complex.


Hand fractures are either closed (with no break in the skin) or open (‘compounded’) where there’s an obvious break in the skin over the fracture itself. Either way, fractures can certainly be very complicated and even form part of a more complex injury where there has been damage sustained to other tissues, such as tendons, nerves and blood vessels.



This is a common disorder which occurs when the hands become inflamed and are often accompanied by pain and/or difficulty in moving the fingers. Of course, this list isn’t conclusive but is certainly indicative of some of the work we do around common hand injuries.



Claiming Hand Injury Compensation

Hand and arm injuries can occur in many different ways. If an injury was caused due to the negligent actions of someone else, then Smith Jones are here to help. Our team specialise in personal injury and have the expertise to help you maximise the amount of compensation you could be entitled to. Using over 28 years of experience, Smith Jones Solicitors can assist you in getting the most out of your hand or arm injury claim.


If a serious accident has occurred and you have complex hand injuries, you can rest assured we will liaise with specialist medical experts in order to make a detailed assessment of your situation. This will then allow us to plan for any modifications to your home, any treatment you may require and any immediate needs that you may have.


Claims involving the loss of a hand may require a prosthetic limb to be fitted, or modifications to the home. Especially in accidents where a limb is lost, physiotherapy will be required to help you adjust to living with an artificial limb. Our experts can arrange any physiotherapy and help you claim for any modifications you might need following an accident.


In an effort to put you in the best position possible, we can also help in claiming for loss of earnings and any future loss of earnings if you cannot return to work after an accident.


Easing the financial strain following a serious hand injury

Money can be a significant worry after suffering a serious hand injury. Our team understand how troubling money can be after an accident and so they work closely with clients to help them obtain interim payments where possible. These early payments can be used to pay for treatment, any equipment you may need, and also cover the cost of everyday expenses. We cannot guarantee that we will always be successful in these applications, but will always do our best to support you and your family throughout your hand injury claim.


If you wish to talk to us about making a claim for a hand injury, you can call our free advice helpline on 0800 195 9590 and talk to a member our specialist team. If you would rather submit some details online, then you can submit your enquiry here and a member of our friendly team will give you a call back to discuss your options.