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Groin Injury Claims

Many accidents can result in injuries to the groin. Injuries to the groin can occur due to many different accidents and can cause severe pain, with some injuries even leading to infertility. If you have been involved in such an accident, then Smith Jones solicitors are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve by assisting you with making a specialist compensation claim.


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Types of Groin Injuries

Below are just some of the groin injuries which you may suffer after an accident:

  • Strains and tears
  • Hernia
  • Pelvic fracture
  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility


The most common accidents that lead to a groin injury claim are car accidents, accidents at work, slip and trip accidents, and sporting accidents. The effects of these injuries can take as little as a few weeks to heal, or they can last a lifetime, depending on the severity. If you have been involved in any of these accidents through no fault of your own, then Smith Jones solicitors are here to help you claim compensation for any injuries sustained on a no win no fee basis. Call us today on 0800 195 95 90 to discuss your claim with a member of our expert team.

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How Much Compensation For A Groin Injury?

Injury Type


Injury Severity


Compensation Amount Guideline


Groin InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £23,210.00
Moderate£23,210.00 – £32,780.00
Moderately Severe£32,780.00 – £45,840.00
Severe£45,840.00 – £113,580.00
Failed SterilisationMinor£1,000.00 – £8,530.00
Moderate£1,000.00 – £8,530.00
Moderately Severe£1,000.00 – £8,530.00
Severe£1,000.00 – £8,530.00
InfertilityMinor£5,500.00 – £10,530.00
Moderate£15,020.00 – £30,720.00
Moderately Severe£27,500.00 – £82,500.00
Severe£96,030.00 – £141,630.00
Impotetence£35,970.00 – £124,030.00
Loss of OrgansMinorIn excess of £128,700.00
ModerateIn excess of £128,700.00
Moderately SevereIn excess of £128,700.00
SevereIn excess of £128,700.00
SterilityMinor£1,000.00 – £5,500.00
Moderate£15,680.00 – £26,180.00
Moderately Severe£26,180.00 – £59,680.00
Severe£59,680.00 – £117,700.00
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome£23,430.00 – £70,240.00
Other Pain Disorders£17,600.00 – £52,660.00

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Groin Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Strains And Tears

Straining or tearing a muscle in the groin area is a common sporting accident. Other accidents can end up straining a muscle, for instance, if you lifted something too heavy at work, or had an accident involving a pothole. These injuries occur when the muscle is stretched beyond its limits too quickly causing pain.


Most strains are relatively minor and can be treated at home by resting, applying ice to the affected area and using compression techniques. In the immediacy following an accident where you have suffered a strain to the groin area, you may experience pain in the affected muscle, some swelling, bruising or redness, and even muscle spasms. However, if the pain continues or becomes particularly severe, or you experience numbness, coldness or discolouration in the affected area, then it is recommended that you visit a minor injuries unit or your GP at the first opportunity.


Strains and tears can take anywhere between a couple of weeks to a few months to heal, depending on the severity. Severe strains to the groin muscles may require the attention of a physiotherapist, who can show you some exercises to improve mobility in the muscle and help return normal function to the area. It is recommended that you stay clear of sporting activities or heavy lifting during this recovery period to prevent further damage to the muscle.



Hernia Injury Claims

Hernias are painful injuries which can affect the groin or abdomen area. The most common types of hernias are inguinal hernias and femoral hernias. The former more commonly affects males and the latter in females. Both of these types of hernias are associated with ageing and repeated strain on the abdomen, which can be as a result of heavy lifting.


Working in manual labour, which involves a lot of heavy lifting, may result in this type of injury. Most types of hernias involve signs of swelling or a noticeable lump in the groin area and can be significantly painful. If you have suffered an accident causing a hernia and later develop symptoms of vomiting, constipation or if the hernias become firm, tender or can’t be pushed back in, then you should go to the nearest accident and emergency department.


Surgery is usually recommended to treat a hernia, if left unchecked complications may arise such as obstruction or strangulation of the bowels. There are two ways to repair these types of hernia, namely open surgery or keyhole surgery. The method used depends on your personal preference and the surgeon’s experience in conducting that type of operation.


It can be take up to six weeks to fully recover after surgery to repair the hernia, but most people can return to light activities, such as driving or work within about two weeks. For more information about the amount of compensation you can claim for a hernia, you can use our helpful hernia claims calculator.



Pelvic Fractures

More serious accidents may result in a fracture of the pelvis. The most common type of fracture to the pelvis is an avulsion fracture. This is where the ligament pulls away from the bone and takes a small amount of bone with it. Avulsion fractures occur due to a sudden forceful pull on the ligament and can cause severe pain, swelling and bruising in the affected area. A pelvic avulsion fracture usually takes place due to a sporting accident, but it may also occur as a result of any accident which stretches the joint too quickly, such as heavy lifting, or a slip and trip accident.


It is quite easy to treat a pelvic avulsion fracture, but it is still recommended that you seek medical attention to get it checked out and make sure that there is no serious damage to the bone. The primary treatment recommended for this type of fracture is rest, and to apply ice to the affected area for a couple of days after the injury. The doctor may also recommend that you use crutches to keep the weight of the pelvic muscles. You can read more about injuries to your hip here.


For more serious avulsion fractures, an X-ray may be required, and surgery may be required to repair the bone. Surgery may require the use of metal pins or screws to keep the pelvis in place while the fracture heals. In this case, you may also require physiotherapy to get strength back in the surrounding muscles.



Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction only affects males and usually occurs as a result of ageing, sometimes however impotence can be a consequence of a serious accident, including road traffic accidents, motorcycle accidents, or bicycle accidents.


There are several causes of erectile dysfunction, which can be narrowed down into categories of physical and psychological causes. Physical causes can include serious trauma to the groin area, a serious spinal injury, or a severe head injury. Psychological conditions, such as depression or anxiety, following an accident, may also result in erectile dysfunction. The main remedy for this condition is to tackle the cause, this may involve medication for physical causes or therapy for psychological causes.


More serious causes of impotence, such as spinal injury or severe head injury, may not be as easily treatable. In this case, the accident can have a life-long effect on your sex life and as a result, may contribute to further psychological issues occurring. Our team of personal injury solicitors can take all of this into account when pursuing a claim on your behalf and can arrange rehabilitation for your physical and psychological injuries.


We are aware of the delicate nature of this type of enquiry and you can rest assured that our friendly team will handle your claim with the utmost professionalism and compassion.




Infertility in males and females has a number of causes and much like impotence, it can be the result of a traumatic accident. You may suffer infertility if you have been involved in an accident which has caused serious injury and involved a total loss of the reproductive organs. Injuries like this can occur in a number of serious accidents, such as car accidents, motorbike accidents, cycling accidents, or pedestrian accidents, and can have consequences that will affect you for the rest of your life.


There are anatomical differences in males and females and as such, different injuries can render them infertile. For men, any accidents which results in trauma to the male genitalia can result in infertility, which is likely if they have been the victim of a serious assault, motorcycle accident or cycling accident. For women, any trauma to the uterus may result in female infertility, for instance, if they have suffered a crushing injury, or been in a road traffic accident. Accidents which prevent someone having children can have very serious effects, and can majorly disrupt someone’s future plans.


Infertility can have serious psychological effects on both men and women, especially if this it results from a traumatic accident. This is something which our team of specialist solicitors will consider when helping you claim compensation. They can liaise with medical experts in order to get you the physical and psychological help that you need and will handle your claim compassionately and professionally.



Making A Claim And Aftercare

If you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and suffered a groin injury as a result, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. We have over 28 years of experience helping clients who have suffered a variety of injuries, and we understand that these injuries may be uncomfortable to discuss for some people but you can rest assured, our team are fully equipped to deal with your claim with the utmost care and sensitivity.


For pelvic fractures and serious strains, physiotherapy may be required to strengthen the muscles and aid with mobility. It may take some time for the joint and the muscle to return to full strength, and it is imperative that you rest during this time and do not engage in any activities which involve heavy lifting or sports. Depending on the severity of the injury, psychological therapy may also be required. Injuries resulting in impotence or infertility may have a psychological impact and could lead to other illnesses, such as depression or anxiety. Working with medical experts, our specialist team can arrange any physical or psychological rehabilitation you may need following an accident, to help to get your life back on track.


If you’re involved in an accident and have to take time off work as a result, then our expert team can help you claim for any loss of earnings sustained during that time. We can also help you claim back any expenses you find yourself facing as a result of the accident, for instance, any travel expenses or prescription costs. In the case of impotence or infertility, compensation can vary depending on age, scarring and the psychological effect of coping with the life-changing condition.


If you are interested in making a claim for a groin injury, then you can talk to a member of our expert team on our free accident advice helpline by calling 0800 195 9590. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry here and we will call you back to discuss your options. We are available all day, every day and are ready to deal with your claim in a professional and sensitive manner.