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Supermarket Accident Claims

Accidents can happen anywhere, supermarkets are no exception. In fact, their heavy footfall inevitably means that thousands of accidents occur in UK supermarkets each year. Figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report that a large number of supermarket accidents are slips and trips caused by wet floors and spillages. If the accident was the result of store negligence, the person affected could pursue a claim for compensation.


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Injured at a Supermarket – Make a Claim

Some of the most common preventable risks in supermarkets include:


  • Wet floors
  • Spillages, from food or liquid products
  • Items falling from shelves
  • Obstacles in the store, which could include stray trolleys, baskets or boxes and cages used for re-stocking


In addition, the main hazards for supermarket employees include:


  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Operating defective equipment or dangerous types of machinery, such as trollies or lifting gear
  • Poorly stacked goods, in a storeroom or unloading from a delivery van
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Supermarkets are often busy environments, so it’s vital that a system is in place to inspect floors, aisles and staff areas regularly to identify and remove any risks. Where risks cannot be completely eradicated then suitable signage must be used, or areas should be cordoned off.


If a supermarket has not taken all measures possible to prevent its staff and customers from accidents or injury, then they can be held liable. If the supermarket is at fault, then they can be guilty of negligence. Examples of the injuries we have dealt with from supermarket accidents are cuts, bruises, lacerations, damaged ligaments, broken bones and head injuries. Those injured can suffer physically, psychologically and financially, with injuries restricting their ability to return to work or undertake their normal day-to-day activities. These kinds of injuries come under what’s commonly termed slip, trip & fall compensation claims.


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Injured While Shopping – What To Do?

What You Need to Do Next

When a customer is involved in an accident, the first step is to seek any first aid required. They must then inform the supermarket’s management team and ensure that the event is recorded in the company’s accident book. Injured employees should follow the same procedure.  Then where possible the injured parties should gather all possible evidence to support their claim.

Evidence to support the claim could include:


  • Photographs of the scene
  • Photographs of the injuries
  • Witness details
  • Store CCTV footage


Any hospital or GP records are also important as these medical records will form primary evidence to support a supermarket accident claim. If you are involved in a more serious accident and need to attend hospital, much of this evidence can be collected at a later date with the help of your lawyer.



What Is The Claims Process?

When a claim for a supermarket accident is made, the supermarket’s insurance company will gather all the reports from the store manager and legal team to determine the circumstances and decide who is liable. Supermarkets will have insurance in place to cover any claims made against them.


For accidents that have occurred after the 31 July 2013, supermarkets have 40 working days to admit or deny responsibility. This is set out in the pre-action protocol for public liability personal injury claims. If a supermarket admits and accepts responsibility, the claimant will need to prove losses to receive compensation. This entire process can take around six months. If the claim is disputed, it will be taken to the Courts.


The Courts will make a decision on whether the supermarket operated a reasonable system of checking and removing hazards. Ward v Tesco [1976] and Dawkins v Carnival Plc [2011] are two example cases of this law being applied in practice.



Typical Settlement Fees

The Judicial College (formerly the Judicial Studies Board) sets the guidelines for injury compensation. The amount is determined by the type and extent of any injury and the time and cost of the recovery. In the guidelines, compensation amounts take the form of minimum and maximum values for an injury or condition. While the guidelines are not legally binding, they are widely adopted by the insurance companies and the Courts.


Our handy claims calculator can be used to provide a general estimate of the level of compensation you could be entitled to based on your injuries and losses.



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If we think your case may not be successful, then we will do our best to inform you of this during your initial consultation or as soon as this is determined. A No Win No Fee case arrangement does not suit everyone, and we are happy to discuss the various options of how you choose to fund your claim. We will help you decide what best fits you and your claim.


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