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Open since 1988, we fight on a ‘no win no fee’* basis for those who have been injured or become ill through no fault of their own. Contact our experienced & caring team for a free, no-obligation assessment of your case.


There is no financial risk to you in pursuing a 'no win no fee' claim with Smith Jones.

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No Win No Fee Solicitors

If you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of somebody else’s negligence, then we may be able to help you make a specialist no win no fee injury claim. Our highly qualified and specialist no win no fee personal injury solicitors are here to provide the help and peace of mind you and your family need; as well as making sure that you get the financial settlement you deserve. Call us today on 0800 195 95 90 to discuss your claim with one of our experts.


At Smith Jones, we understand that the financial aspect of a claim is important, but that is only part of the story. In addition to helping you recover the monies that you are owed, our specialists are also here to help you get access to the right rehabilitation, medical care and support that is right for you.


Our no win no fee personal injury specialists have helped thousands of people win the compensation they need following an injury, sickness or accident that wasn’t their fault. You can rely on us to dedicate ourselves to your cause, protect your interests and ultimately reach the outcome that you deserve.

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What is a No Win No Fee / Conditional Fee Agreement?

The majority of cases we accept are undertaken on a no win no fee basis, our success fees only payable if your claim is successful. Also known as a conditional fee agreement, a no win, no fee agreement protects you from financial risk in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.¹³ Our aim is often to reach an appropriate settlement before going to trial, but we are prepared to fight for you to ensure the best outcome for you.


We are one of the most reputable personal injury firms in the UK, representing clients throughout England and Wales. We have many lawyers across our firm who specialise in different aspects of no win no fee personal injury claims. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation. Our friendly staff are ready to answer your questions.

Since 1988

Your Winning 'No Win No Fee' Injury Lawyers

Our legal team specialises in dealing with accident and personal injury claims only. We have been providing legal services in the UK since 1988 and are accredited through the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, as well as The Law Society and, are regulated and authorised by the SRA.

How does a Conditional Fee Agreement Work?

After your free initial consultation, we will let you know if we feel that you have a successful case for personal injury and if we are able to initiate proceedings on a CFA. Our ‘Plain Speaking Approach’ means that we will ensure that you understand the entire claim process, there are no hidden or unexpected fees and that you’re dealing with qualified and experienced injury claims experts throughout your claim for compensation and aftercare. We are also able to discuss other ways to fund your claim if you wish.


If you’re happy to proceed on a conditional fee basis, we will weigh up your case and start the relevant paperwork. At no point up until the conditional fee agreement documents are signed will you be obligated to use Smith Jones as your ‘no win no fee’ solicitors. We will make clear all fees before you instruct us and they will be capped and clearly outlined; so even if your case takes longer than expected or goes on to court – if your case is successful then any ‘success fees’ payable to Smith Jones will never be more than what you expected before you signed the conditional fee agreement.

What If You Lose A 'No Win No Fee' Claim?

As a general principle, the loser of a case is often expected to pay the winner’s legal fees, court costs, expert’s fees (such as doctors or collision experts) and other costs associated with the claim (disbursements).


It is, for this reason, that in conjunction with the CFA that you are advised to have a form of legal costs protection insurance which will cover your opponent’s expenses and your own disbursements should your claim be unsuccessful. We will be able to arrange this insurance on your behalf and will discuss it further with you during your free initial consultation.

No Win No Fee Injury Claims Guide

What is a ‘No Win No Fee’ Injury Claim?

A claim can occur when an individual has suffered any injury or illness due to the negligence or error of another individual or organisation. We have many years of experience helping people with a variety of no win no fee personal injury claims, the most common of which you can read about further below:



We have a specialist legal department who specialise in these claims who will know how to advise you and will fight to get the best outcome for you. Whatever you need advice or representation for, we will always endeavour to:


  • Get you the financial settlement that you are entitled to and make sure, to the best of our ability, that any expenses or losses as a result of the injury are covered.
  • Make sure your claim is dealt with sensitively and professionally. You will always be treated as an individual.
  • Wherever possible, we will help you with any financial cover you require before settlement by applying for interim payments. This is not always possible but we understand that you may be under significant financial pressure and will help wherever they can.
  • Stay in touch to keep you updated on how everything is progressing.


If you would like to make a no win no fee claim today, contact us on 0800 195 95 90.



Who Can Make A ‘No Win No Fee’ Claim?

Anyone who has been injured or fallen ill as a result of the negligence of another party or an accident that wasn’t their fault is eligible to make a claim.


The first question most of our new clients ask is “can I make a claim?”. To answer this, we will need to speak with you and find out more about your accident and the injuries that you sustained. Furthermore, on occasion, the injured party may not be able to make a claim on their own, so may need someone to make a claim on their behalf. Below a list of circumstances which may require the injured party to ask somebody to make a claim on their behalf. This is called a ‘litigation friend’ and may include making a claim:


  • On behalf of a child before the child turns 18. If the child wishes to make their own claim, provided somebody has not already made a claim on their behalf, they have until three years after their 18th birthday to do so.
  • For someone who currently, for whatever reason, may not have the capacity to deal with the legal proceedings.
  • On behalf of a loved one who has passed away.



Why Use Smith Jones For Your Claim?

We are experts in personal injury law. In fact, that is all we do. For 30 years we have been fighting in our client’s corner, working hard to ensure the best possible outcome in each and every case.


Taking advantage of our no obligation consultation is the best thing you can do, as this allows you to tell us some more details about your situation so that we can advise you on the individual circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of further advice.



Making A Claim If Injured In A Public Location

When you leave your front door, whether it’s to the park, to town, or any other place in public, it isn’t unreasonable to expect the day to go without the risk of injury. Companies have a duty of care whenever you enter their premises; and public bodies, such as councils and local authorities – have an obligation to ensure public highways and walkways are reasonably maintained.


Even if you don’t know who was responsible for your accident, it’s worth getting in touch – our specialist personal injury solicitors will investigate your case in-depth to determine who is responsible. Smith Jones Solicitors have helped thousands of our clients following accidents that weren’t their fault. Common no win no fee cases we have dealt with include:



By making a no win no fee claim for your accident in a public place, you could secure compensation to help you access the rehabilitation and support you need to make the best possible recovery. We at Smith Jones Solicitors have a proven track record when it comes to claims of this kind and have won millions of pounds over the years for our clients. We get asked questions all the time on our freephone with no obligation to use us, so give us a call if you need any further help.



Can You Help Me Access Rehabilitation & Medical Care?

By using us, our lawyers will always endevour to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and access the rehabilitation and support that you’re entitled to. Specialist medical care can be essential in helping you make the best recovery possible.


In the years that we have been handling injury claims through the no win no fee policy, we’ve witnessed how rehabilitation can make a huge difference to the recovery and long-term wellbeing of those who have suffered an accident. If you’re in need of rehabilitation following a serious injury, our solicitors will meet with our client liaison managers, support groups and long-term care providers to set up a plan for your care in the future.


We always take the time to understand the needs of every client we deal with and what they need from their individual rehabilitation. If you already have rehabilitation treatment on the NHS, we can work alongside you and help you access any other support that you may need.