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Compensation calculator amounts taken from ‘Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’, Fourteenth Edition (2017) by Judicial College. Read More

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We operate on a ‘no-win no-fee’ basis, meaning that there is no financial risk to you in pursuing a claim for your accident or injury.


We get to know every one of our clients, understanding their unique needs and ensuring they are well represented and cared for.


We only handle personal injury and accident cases, meaning we have a vast depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to both assessing your claim and fighting for your compensation.


We have been fighting for our clients since 1988. We are authorized and regulated by the SRA and are accredited by Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and The Law Society.


We have extensive experience dealing with and claiming for high-profile accidents and injuries. This has garnered us a reputation as one of the best personal injury & accident solicitors in the UK.


If your claim is successful then you will receive a cash sum after a decision or settlement has been reached – our average payout is over £11,500.


As experienced personal injury solicitors we have the experience of helping people claim for a variety of injuries, covering everything from accidents at work, car accident and motorbike accidents and even whiplash neck injuries, right through to injuries sustained from slips, trips and falls.

Over the years we have worked with a variety of clients presenting a range of injuries, many of whom had their cases turned down by other firms before going on to be won by us.

The personal injury claim amount that you can receive is not just dependent on the injury itself, your claim can also factor in loss of earnings through work and money spent on travel, treatment and care during your recovery. Though we are not guaranteed to recover all of these additional costs, we can certainly try to do so.


In order to accurately answer the question, “How much personal injury compensation can I get?” we would first need to review the medical evidence and consider the details of the injury. There are tariffs that the courts follow when awarding compensation but we can also factor in any loss of earnings to the total amount claimed.

It is a common misconception that an injury is worth one specific amount. The amount of compensation received will vary from claim to claim.

Instead, the amount is calculated based on how the accident has affected your everyday life, your ability to work and the length of time it takes for you to recover from the injuries you have sustained.

The object of compensation is to provide you with something for your injury and to enable you to return to the financial position you were in prior to suffering a personal injury.
Over the years we have worked with a variety of clients presenting a range of injuries, many of whom had their cases turned down by other firms before going on to be won by us.

FAQ About Our Personal Injury Claims Calculator:


Personal injury compensation is money that awarded to a person who has been hurt or left with damages from an accident that was not their fault. It can be best described as a financial settlement that covers costs for your injury and helps you manage the impact that the injury has had on your life, now and into the future.

Personal injury compensation isn’t awarded to anybody who has been involved in an accident. In order to qualify for, and put in a successful claim for compensation, the following criteria need to be met:

  • Your accident was within the last three years
  • The accident or negligence was caused by someone else
  • You suffered an injury or damages as a result of said accident.

Click here for further guidelines on making a claim


Each year, around 4 million people suffer injuries from an accident that was not their fault. While this number is staggering, only an estimated one in every four people who were involved in an accident go on to make a claim for compensation. One theory as to why this is highlights the complex and sometimes seemingly contradictory law system. Another points out that many people who may be entitled to compensation are thought to believe it too much hassle, or have a fear that the case could drag on for years and nothing gets resolved.

While these fears aren’t ungrounded, making a claim for compensation with Smith Jones representing you means it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. First, we will establish if you have a case. If someone else was entirely to blame then it’s very likely you will be able to claim for all your damages. If both you and the other parties were to blame then your damages will be reduced by a percentage equal to your share of the blame. If no one else was at fault for your accident then you cannot claim.

Secondly, we will assess what damages that you are able to claim for. A typical personal injury compensation claim might include:

  • Compensation for bodily harm, pain, suffering, discomfort or inconvenience
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cost of any treatments, equipment or medicines as a result of your injury
  • The cost or value of care
  • Damages to any personal belongings or property
  • Any other expenses accrued as a result of the incident or environment

After an investigation of your claim, in which we will gather witness statements, incident reports, and any other relevant documents, we will be able to advise you on the chances of your compensation claim being successful. If you are happy to proceed we then put forward the claim to the party responsible and their insurance company. A majority of claims are settled before they go to court, however, some will need to be ruled on by the magistrate. If this is the case, then you can ensure that Smith Jones Solicitors will fight to ensure the success of your claim, and keep you informed and supported every step of the way.


Smith Jones Solicitors will negotiate your final settlement amount based on your experience, damages and the impact your injury has had on your life. This means that the final settlement figure that you receive is completely unique to you. As such, we won’t be able to tell you exactly how much you could receive online, although our claims calculator will be able to give you an approximate figure. Below is a further list of things our solicitors will consider when we negotiate your compensation:

  • The severity of your injury, as well as your recovery-time
  • The long-term effects of your injury and rehabilitation
  • The time and money you’ve lost having to take off work
  • Any care or assistance that you’ve received (Even if from a family member!)
  • Any adaptations that you have had to make to your home, car or life
  • Any medical expenses or treatments, from physiotherapy to prescription costs

There is a separate calculator on our dental negligence page which will provide an estimate for claims against a dentist.


Under a “No Win No Fee” agreement, you the claimant, are only be expected to pay your solicitor fees if your compensation claim is decided in your favour. These costs are pre-agreed with you before you let us represent you, so there will be no hidden fees. In the unfortunate event that your claim for compensation is rejected, you still won’t pay any legal fees. The document that sets out the details of the arrangement is called the CFA or the Conditional Fee Agreement.

There are some cases which we can’t take on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. If this applies to you, we will let you know beforehand.


There are many things that determine how much work injury compensation you could be awarded in a personal injury claim. We will need to first establish the safety of your working environment, and if you had received the adequate training and equipment when placed in that environment. Between 01/09/15 to 30/06/16, the most common environments for accidents at work claims that we worked on, were factories and production facilities, healthcare, logistics and construction.

Due to the nature of the environment and equipment used, factory and production environments are the most common locations for injuries at work, with 40% of our accident at work claims occurring in these environments.

The next thing to consider is the injuries and losses you have suffered as a result of the negligence, poor working environment or unsafe conditions. Injuries at work can vary widely from slipping on a wet floor and hurting your back, through to accidents on construction sites such as falling from height and other serious industrial injuries. In addition to your physical injuries, we will also factor in any loss of earnings that may have come as a result of your injury at work when negotiating your settlement.

Once liability has been established, the compensation amount is agreed upon in settlement or by judgment. If you would like to see the average payout for work injuries similar to yours, use the work injury compensation calculator.


If you have been involved in a car accident (or any other type of road traffic accident) and suffered injuries and losses, then you may be able to make a car accident claim & get some financial compensation. The first thing we will need to do is determine who was at fault for the car accident. We will rely on a range of investigative techniques and instruct experts if required in order to find out and prove who was to blame for the car accident. Once liability has been established, all losses are assessed and your road accident claim amount is calculated. If you would like to see the average car accident payout for injuries similar to yours, then use our car accident injury compensation calculator.


We have had many people ask us “how much compensation do you get for a back injury?” A payout for back injury depends on many things. The first is how did you sustain your injury? Was it a slip or fall at a supermarket, or was it a gradual injury from having to use unsuitable equipment at work, possibly for an extended period of time? We will use this information to determine who was at fault for your back injury.

How we calculate your back injury claim amount is by assessing your losses, including a sum for the injury to your back and any negative impact on your quality of life. We will also factor in influences like lost income and potential future losses, decline in standards of living and ability to carry out day to day activities. To find out the average claim amount for a back injury, match your injury with those on our back injury compensation calculator or speak to a member of our team today.


The eyes are one of our most important organs when it comes to living out and maintaining our quality of life. Damage to your eye through injury could thus, understandably, have drastic consequences. The impact of losing your sight or even spotty or blurry vision on so many day to day scenarios is not to be underestimated. It is for this reason that payouts for eye injuries are some of the highest awarded.
Just like other personal injury cases, the first thing we will need to determine is who was at fault for the injury to your eye. Once this has been determined, we will demonstrate how this injury has impacted your life and look to recover compensation. If you would like to find out the average claim amount for an eye injury similar to yours, use our claims calculator.


Are you thinking of making a claim for a slip or fall, and want to know how much you may be entitled to? The answer to that can vary drastically depending on the extent of your injuries. We must also consider other factors such as where your slip or fall took place, and how much damage this has done to your quality of life/ability to carry out normal tasks/ability to work. When these factors have been considered, we will then be closer to determining how much compensation you will get for a slip or fall. Use our injury compensation calculator above or speak to a member of our team to find out more.


At Smith Jones, we pride ourselves on our professional yet “plain speaking” approach. The advice we give is based on many years of experience and stands for itself – without needing to be masked with legal jargon or confusing language.

We understand that having to deal with the law or speak to a lawyer for the first time can be daunting. So, we always take the time to explain what’s going on in a friendly and relaxed way. We talk through your options with you and clarify the process, step by step. We have had our doors open for 30 years, and in that time helped a wide range of happy clients; many of whom had their cases turned down by other firms before going on to be won by us.


The table below is taken from ‘Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’, Fourteenth Edition (2017) by Judicial College. Each settlement will be valued according to the individual merits of each case. Please note that even the most severe cases brought before 1st April 2013 may settle for approximately 10% less than indicated on the compensation calculator due to changes in legislation. This compensation calculator is intended as a guide only. Your own Solicitor will be able to advise you of the settlement you could be entitled to and will be able to offer more tailored guidance through the settlement stages of your claim. Smith Jones do not currently accept claims that we believe will settle for under £1000 therefore in some injury types, the minimum figure has been replaced with £1000 where the guidelines may have quoted a lesser amount.


Body AreaInjury TypeInjury SeverityCompensation Amount Guideline
ShoulderShoulderMinor£1,000.00 – £6,920.00
Moderate£6,920.00 – £11,200.00
Moderately Severe£11,200.00 – £16,830.00
Severe£16,830.00 – £42,110.00
NeckNeckMinor£1,000.00 – £6,920.00
Moderate£6,920.00 – £33,750.00
Moderately Severe£39,870.00 – £114,810.00
Severe£114,810.00 – £130,060.00
BodyMinor Injuries£1,000.00 – £2,150.00
LegsAmputations£85,910.00 – £247,280.00
Ankle InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £12,050.00
Moderate£12,050.00 – £23,310.00
Moderately Severe£27,450.00 – £43,900.00
Severe£43,900.00 – £61,410.00
Foot InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £12,050.00
Moderate£12,050.00 – £21,910.00
Moderately Severe£21,910.00 – £61,410.00
Severe£73,620.00 – £96,150.00
Knee InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £12,050.00
Moderate£13,010.00 – £22,960.00
Moderately Severe£22,960.00 – £38,120.00
Severe£45,700.00 – £84,360.00
Leg InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £24,340.00
Moderate£24,340.00 – £34,370.00
Moderately Severe£34,370.00 – £48,080.00
Severe£48,080.00 – £119,210.00
Toe InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £8,420.00
Moderate£8,420.00 – £12,050.00
Moderately Severe£12,050.00 – £18,480.00
Severe£18,480.00 – £27,450.00
Internal OrgansAsbestosisMinor£13,230.00 – £92,820.00
Moderate£13,230.00 – £92,820.00
Moderately Severe£13,230.00 – £92,820.00
Severe£13,230.00 – £92,820.00
Chest InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £4,660.00
Moderate£4,660.00 – £15,750.00
Moderately Severe£27,450.00 – £88,270.00
Severe£88,270.00 – £131,620.00
Lung CancerMinor£61,410.00 – £85,340.00
Moderate£61,410.00 – £85,340.00
Moderately Severe£61,410.00 – £85,340.00
Severe£61,410.00 – £85,340.00
Lung DiseaseMinor£1,930.00 – £18,240.00
Moderate£18,240.00 – £48,080.00
Moderately Severe£48,080.00 – £61,410.00
Severe£61,410.00 – £119,210.00
MesotheliomaMinor£61,410.00 – £110,380.00
Moderate£61,410.00 – £110,380.00
Moderately Severe£61,410.00 – £110,380.00
Severe£61,410.00 – £110,380.00
Injury (Digestive System)Minor£5,810.00 – £11,040.00
Moderate£11,040.00 – £14,720.00
Moderately Severe£14,720.00 – £24,340.00
Severe£37,710.00 – £54,280.00
PoisoningMinor£1,000.00 – £3,460.00
Moderate£3,460.00 – £8,360.00
Moderately Severe£8,360.00 – £16,830.00
Severe£33,700.00 – £46,040.00
Failed Sterilisation£1,000.00 – £8,940.00
InfertilityMinor£5,810.00 – £11,040.00
Moderate£15,750.00 – £32,210.00
Moderately Severe£29,850.00 – £89,560.00
Severe£100,760.00 – £148,540.00
Impotence£37,710.00 – £124,030.00
Loss of Reproductive OrgansIn excess of £134,900.00
SterilityMinor£1,000.00 – £5,810.00
Moderate£20,760.00 – £27,450.00
Moderately Severe£27,450.00 – £62,550.00
Severe£62,550.00 – £123,310.00
HeadChronic Tooth Pain£1,000.00 – £33,430.00
Damage to TeethMinor£1,000.00 – £1,500.00
Moderate£1,930.00 – £3,460.00
Moderately Severe£3,810.00 – £6,690.00
Severe£7,650.00 – £10,010.00
Facial ScarringMinor£1,000.00 – £3,090.00
Moderate£3,460.00 – £12,050.00
Moderately Severe£15,750.00 – £26,120.00
Severe£26,380.00 – £85,340.00
Fractured CheekbonesMinor£2,040.00 – £2,620.00
Moderate£2,620.00 – £3,810.00
Moderately Severe£3,810.00 – £5,660.00
Severe£8,940.00 – £13,840.00
Fractured JawMinor£5,660.00 – £7,650.00
Moderate£7,650.00 – £15,750.00
Moderately Severe£15,750.00 – £26,730.00
Severe£26,730.00 – £39,940.00
Fractured NoseMinor£1,500.00 – £2,210.00
Moderate£2,210.00 – £2,760.00
Moderately Severe£3,460.00 – £4,470.00
Severe£9,330.00 – £20,280.00
Damage to Hair£3,460.00 – £9,660.00
DermatitisMinor£1,500.00 – £3,460.00
Moderate£7,580.00 – £10,010.00
Moderately Severe£10,010.00 – £12,050.00
Severe£12,050.00 – £16,830.00
Brain DamageMinor£13,430.00 – £37,760.00
Moderate£37,760.00 – £192,090.00
Moderately Severe£192,090.00 – £247,280.00
Severe£247,280.00 – £354,260.00
Epilepsy£48,080.00 – £131,620.00
Epileptic Conditions£9,330.00 – £23,050.00
Minor Brain/Head Injury£1,940.00 – £11,200.00
PTSDMinor£3,460.00 – £7,170.00
Moderate£7,170.00 – £20,290.00
Moderately Severe£20,290.00 – £52,490.00
Severe£52,490.00 – £88,270.00
Psychiatric DamageMinor£1,350.00 – £5,130.00
Moderate£5,130.00 – £16,720.00
Moderately Severe£16,720.00 – £48,080.00
Severe£48,080.00 – £101,470.00
Deafness / TinnitusMinor£6,140.00 – £11,040.00
Moderate£11,040.00 – £39,940.00
Moderately Severe£39,940.00 – £96,150.00
Severe£96,150.00 – £123,310.00
SightMinor£1,930.00 – £7,650.00
Moderate£7,990.00 – £48,080.00
Moderately Severe£48,080.00 – £157,600.00
Severe£235,630.00 – £354,260.00
Taste / Smell£16,830.00 – £34,340.00
Paraplegia£192,090.00 – £249,270.00
Tetraplegia/Quadriplegia£284,610.00 – £354,260.00
 Chronic PainComplex Regional Pain Syndrome£24,580.00 – £73,670.00
Other Pain Disorders£18,480.00 – £55,240.00
 BackBackMinor£1,000.00 – £10,970.00
Moderate£10,970.00 – £34,000.00
Moderately Severe£34,000.00 – £77,540.00
Severe£79,890.00 – £141,150.00
 ArmsFingers£1,000.00 – £32,210.00
Forearm (Simple Fracture)Minor£5,810.00 – £16,830.00
HandsMinor£1,000.00 – £3,810.00
Moderate£5,110.00 – £11,640.00
Moderately Severe£12,670.00 – £25,430.00
Severe£25,430.00 – £74,150.00
Loss of Both Arms£211,150.00 – £263,060.00
Loss of Both Hands£123,310.00 – £176,660.00
Loss of One Arm£84,310.00 – £120,270.00
Loss of One Hand£84,310.00 – £96,150.00
Other Arm InjuriesMinor£1,000.00 – £16,830.00
Moderate£16,830.00 – £34,340.00
Moderately Severe£34,340.00 – £52,490.00
Severe£84,310.00 – £114,810.00
Upper Limb ConditionsMinor£1,930.00 – £3,090.00
Moderate£7,580.00 – £9,430.00
Moderately Severe£13,080.00 – £14,330.00
Severe£19,210.00 – £20,280.00
VWF / HAVSMinor£2,620.00 – £7,580.00
Moderate£7,580.00 – £14,690.00
Moderately Severe£14,690.00 – £27,740.00
Severe£27,740.00 – £33,700.00
Wrist InjuriesMinor£3,090.00 – £4,160.00
Moderate£4,160.00 – £21,480.00
Moderately Severe£21,480.00 – £34,340.00
Severe£41,760.00 – £52,490.00