Smith Jones – Headway Head Injury Solicitor 2019

As part of our continued support of the charity Headway, Smith Jones is once again proud to announce that it will be listed in Headway’s Head Injury Solicitors Directory in 2019.


Who are Headway?

Headway – the Brain Injury Association, is a charity that works to improve life after brain injury. There are many forms of brain injury, all of which require different types of care, assistance and support. Headway provided this support to brain injury survivors and their families from over 125 branches across the UK.


How does Headway provide this support?

Headway have a range of frontline services which provide support to those who suffer brain injury.

Headway Acute Trauma Support (HATS) nurses are on hand to offer free advice and support via a freephone helpline.  The network comprises of 125 branches covering the whole of the United Kingdom.

They also provide information on brain injury on their comprehensive website:, and through a wide range of booklets and publications in hospitals all over the country.

On top of this, Headway manages an emergency fund to help with the financial implications of brain injury, a Brain Injury Identity Card scheme to use in everyday situations and when coming into contact with the criminal justice system. They also publish a directory of approved care providers in dealing with acquired brain injury.[1]

All proceeds go to providing these vital support services to the survivors of brain injury and their families.


What is the Headway Head Injury Solicitors Directory?

The Head Injury Solicitors Directory is published every year by Headway and contains most of the UK’s leading firms in dealing with brain injury. The guide is narrowed down by locality to allow you to browse solicitors in your area.

With a view to providing the best possible service to our clients, Smith Jones is proud to announce it will again appear in the Head Injury Solicitors Directory in 2019. This will help us to grow our network which in turn enables us to provide the utmost care to those clients who suffer brain injury in an accident that wasn’t their fault.


Working with Headway

Smith Jones have held many charitable events to raise money for the brain injury association in the past.  We have taken part in UK-wide Headway events such as Hats for Headway Day and Mince Pie Morning. Our staff have enthusiastically taken part in these fundraising days and have been generous with their contributions to the charity.

Headway provides invaluable services for all those who survive head or brain injury, and Smith Jones have decided to join them in providing the very best advice to people by sponsoring their Minor Head Injury and Concussion booklet.[2] In sponsoring this booklet, we are not only providing the charity with vital funds, we are endorsing its content. Concussion can be a symptom or a sign of a more serious condition. Accurate diagnosis of a subtle condition requires a specialist – as does making a claim for a brain injury caused through no fault of your own. If you are ever find yourself needing to make a claim for a brain injury that occurred in an accident that was not your fault, make sure you have the right people in your corner.


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[2] Richard Morris, ‘Minor Head Injury and Concussion’ (2nd Edn, Headway 2014) <>