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Smith Jones – Headway Head Injury solicitor 2018

Headway is a charity which aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and support the survivors of brain injury, their families and carers.[1] They organise a number of events and activities designed to raise money for the victims of brain injury.

Headway has over 125 groups and branches that are dedicated to improving life after brain injury. These branches rely on donations to fund the support, services and information to brain injury survivors and the people around them. The charity also provides support and information to GPs and carers, in treating and caring for someone who has suffered a brain injury.[2]

Smith Jones are proud supporters of Headway, gaining corporate membership[3] of the charity back in March last year. In May, we also took part in the Headway organised event: Hats for Headway Day[4]. Lots of us got into the spirit and donned our hats to take part in raising valuable funds for the charity. More recently, we held a Mince Pie Morning on Wednesday the 13th of December, as another way of raising donations for the charity.

Headway produce a Head Injury Solicitor’s Directory annually to allow people to find specialists in handling cases involving head or brain injury. This directory offers firms the chance to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Headway, raising their profile as specialists in brain injury cases and helping Headway to provide the best legal services to the survivors of brain injury.[5] In January 2018, Smith Jones will be proud to be listed in Headway’s directory as a solicitor who specialises in brain injury claims.

Many accidents can result in head or brain injuries, including road traffic accidents, cycling accidents and accidents at work. As specialist personal injury solicitors, Smith Jones understand how these injuries can affect the survivors of brain injury, and the people around them.

In very serious claims of this nature, a lawyer’s skill set is crucial. They need a detailed, technical knowledge of the law, as well as an understanding of the immediate needs of the injured person and their family. When handling a case that involves a serious head or brain injury, lawyers need to be up to date and knowledgeable in order to handle the case effectively. Corporate membership of Headway and being included in the Headway Solicitor’s Directory allows us to keep up to date with the latest information about head and brain injuries.

Our team has many years of experience in helping people gain compensation for a head or brain injury. Working beyond this, we are committed to improve the lives of those affected, working with brain injury case managers and other professionals to get the best care and rehabilitation possible, for those affected by such an injury, Read more..

Understanding the traumatic consequences of brain injury, we wholeheartedly support the work that Headway does in communities and in campaigning for increased awareness and reduced incidence of brain injury. If you want to know more about this wonderful charity, you can find out more at:


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