Mrs Powell was walking whilst shopping in Wolverhampton City centre with her daughter. This is an activity that Mrs Powell and her daughter would enjoy on a regular basis. The day of the accident, the pair were walking through a pedestrianized area, when Mrs Powell’s feet became entangled in a piece of plastic banding which had been left lying on the ground. As a result, Mrs Powell fell heavily to the floor injuring her left arm and sustaining various cuts and bruises to her left knee.


A visit to the hospital and an X-ray, determined that Mrs Powell had indeed fractured her left arm. Mrs Powell was then required to wear a firm support on her arm for 3 weeks and as her husband’s main Carer, was unable to carry out this role as a result of her injury. Friends and family also had to be used as a source of help during this period. Mrs Powell was preventing her from carrying out everyday activities from household duties, to more simple things like washing and dressing herself.


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