Mrs Freer was walking to her doctor’s appointment at the time of her accident.


Whilst walking along the pathway to the surgery, Mrs Freer tripped and fell to the ground landing heavily on her shoulder and chest. Falling left her in excruciating pain.


As she did not have anyone around to help her, nor did she have a mobile phone, she had to make her own way back home. Upon reaching the house, Mrs Freer rang her daughter and son-in-law and upon seeing her injuries, they took Mrs Freer to hospital for treatment.


Mrs Freer had swelling around her eye, and after being X-rayed it was discovered that she had a dislocated shoulder.


As a result of this injury, she needed sedating to put her shoulder back in to place.


Due to her injuries, Mrs Freer had to stay with her daughter and son-in-law for a couple of weeks after the accident. When she returned home, Mrs Freer still needed help from her daughter with housework and shopping, which she paid her daughter for.


After a medical examination, it was advised that Mrs Freer should undergo physiotherapy for her shoulder to try and return her mobility back to the same state it was before the injury.


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