Mrs Bishop and her sister had stopped to fill up with fuel at a service station in Birmingham. Once Mrs Bishop had filled her car with fuel she went into the service station to pay. On leaving the shop, Mrs Bishop’s foot caught in the uneven concrete surface outside the door causing her to twist over and fall to the ground, landing on both her knees. As the left knee took most of the impact, Mrs Bishop then fell to her left hand side landing on her shoulder. After seeing Mrs Bishop’s fall, her sister ran over to help her up and help her back to the car. Even though Mrs Bishop was in pain, her house was close enough for her to be able to drive home.


After three days Mrs Bishop’s injuries were not improving, so she attended A&E where she was examined and x-rays were taken which showed no fracture. Due to the lack of improvement, Mrs Bishop subsequently booked an appointment with her GP who referred her for physiotherapy.


As a result of her injuries, Mrs Bishop struggled with washing, ironing, shopping, cleaning and driving. Her husband had to assist her with these tasks. Ben Judge was able to take into consideration the expenses Mrs Bishop incurred by having to buy non-prescription medication and the travel required for various medical appointments, as well as the unfortunate fact that Mrs Bishop’s injury had deteriorated the underlying condition of osteoarthritis which she suffered in her knee. The claim was then settled in the sum of £6,000.


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