Mr Footman had been dining with friends when he decided to do some Christmas shopping at a local garden centre in Redditch. As the garden centre was only 10 minutes away by foot and a pleasant evening, Mr Footman decided to walk to the garden centre to get a little fresh air and exercise.


Unfortunately, as he was walking along the pavement, Mr Footman’s left foot entered a hole causing him to lurch forward and twist his knee. Mr Footman then struggled back to his car, and drove home in great pain. The next day he found that his knee and ankle had swollen overnight and decided to book himself an appointment with the GP. The GP then confirmed that it was a sprain and that he would benefit from doing some exercises to try to help the injury and symptoms.


After a period of time off work, a further visit to the GP and some physiotherapy sessions, Mr Footman’s knee was still not completely back to its pre-accident state. The injury meant that the active lifestyle Mr Footman had enjoyed, and the sporting activities he used to participate in were permanently affected. Ben Judge, a Smith Jones solicitor, helped Mr Footman receive a settlement of £6K compensation.


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