On the day of Ms Fitchett’s accident, she had been visiting a shop in Aberdare to purchase a new carpet. After visiting the shop, she decided to visit the ladies’ facilities located on the other side of the industrial park. Ms Fitchett crossed over and was just entering the doorway, when her right foot caught on something and she tripped and fell forward, instinctively putting her right hand out to try to stop the fall.

Ms Fitchett landed heavily on her right wrist and knee and was in a lot of pain and had to make her way back to the carpet shop where she was directed to the main site office to report the incident. After staff saw her injuries, they advised her to make a trip to the hospital. Ms Fitchett rang her daughter, who came over and took her straight to hospital where she was examined. Her knee was then cleaned, stitched and dressed.

Within a couple of days of Ms Fitchett’s accident, her daughter returned to the park and was able to take some pictures of the metal strip which had caused the accident. However, on returning a second time, she discovered that the mat had been changed and a yellow strip had been stuck to the metal one to act as a warning to other users.

Unfortunately Ms Fitchett suffers from arthritis, and the injury to her knee made the symptoms much worse. As her wrist was also still causing her pain for some length of time she decided to return to hospital. Whilst there, she had an X-ray and they found that she had spilt the bone. As Ms Fitchett did not want to go down the route of operations, it was decided that she would wear a splint to give support to the wrist whilst it was healing. The X-ray also showed that Ms Fitchett had severe arthritis in her wrist which caused her further discomfort. It was advised that the fall may have brought forward the onset of the symptoms relating to this by a couple of years.

Stephanie Lee, Associate Solicitor and Senior APIL Litigator, was able to settle the case in the sum of £5.5K and get Ms Fitchett the compensation she deserved.

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