Mr Heywood’s accident took place in a train station in Manchester, after he had been visiting the Christmas market and an art gallery with his partner,

As they made their way through the station, Mr Heywood slipped on the wet tiled floor and fell. As a result of the fall, Mr Heywood was unable to stand due to the severe pain in his right thigh. An ambulance was called and he was transferred to hospital.


Whilst at the hospital, Mr Heywood was X-rayed and it was confirmed he had not broken any bones. He was however, diagnosed with a torn hamstring.


The injury meant that Mr Heywood was allowed home, but he had to use crutches for four weeks.


Due to his injuries, Mr Heywood was unable to participate in various activities he enjoyed including walking and dancing.


When handling the case, Vanessa ensured the settlement received by Mr Heywood covered the costs he had incurred both for travelling to and parking at appointments.


We were successful in our claim and Mr Heywood received a settlement of £3000.

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