Mr Perkins’ accident took place when he was on his way back from a walk with his wife in the Clent Hills. As they were walking down the pavement after their walk, Mr Perkins tripped in a pothole, lost his balance, and fell sideways. The movement resulted in him twisting his back, his ankle and his knee whilst trying to prevent himself from falling.


After the accident, Mr Perkins was in too much pain to walk home, so called his son to take him and his wife home. As Mr Perkins’ back was still very sore the next day, he attended hospital and was told not to do any strenuous exercise. This meant that some time off work was required due to the nature of his job.


For the injuries that Mr Perkins sustained and the expenses he had to pay as a result of those injuries, Smith Jones expert solicitors helped him to receive £3,800 in compensation.


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