Mrs Noble had just finished dining at a restaurant in the centre of Warwick, a short walk from the castle where she was due to attend a carol concert.

When the party she was with had finished dining, they began to make their way to the main exit of the restaurant. However, rather than being able to walk around the edge, they found themselves having to make their way through the middle section of the restaurant before they could leave through the front door.

As Mrs Noble was passing through a doorway on her way to the front of the building, she suddenly tripped and fell to the ground. She looked around to see what had caused her fall, and she realised there was a step which she had not noticed previously. It was dark outside and in the restaurant, there were no signs to warn people about the step. In addition to this, the restaurant’s staff members had also failed to verbally warn her about the step.


After falling, Mrs Noble was helped up by some of her friends and family. She felt shaken but decided to continue with her evening and attend the carol concert as planned.


Upon waking up the next day, Mrs Noble felt severe pain caused by her fall. After a few hospital and visits to her GP, she was given an X-ray which showed she had sprained her wrist and fractured vertebrae in her back. These injuries meant it was necessary for her to undergo physiotherapy and was required to make multiple trips to both the hospital and her GP.


Shelley, an expert in claiming for personal injury, helped Mrs Noble for various expenses incurred such as travel expenses and additional help. Mrs Noble received a settlement in excess of £3.5K for her claim.


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