Mrs Williams was shopping in a market in the Greater Manchester area when her accident occurred. She was walking to the shops when she slipped on the wet floor. Mrs Williams landed, sitting down heavily and jarring her back. Even though she was shocked and shaken by the fall, Mrs Williams did not seek medical attention immediately but instead took some painkillers as she thought this would help ease the pain.


After suffering from nights of poor sleep, some time off work and when returning to work finding it difficult to carry out her usual duties, Mrs Williams went to see her GP who assured her that she was suffering from soft tissue bruising.


Due to her injuries, Mrs Williams’ husband had to take over all the household duties, she was unable to attend to her garden as she normally would have done. She was also unable to continue her regular use of the exercise bike for fitness and health purposes.


Stephanie Lee made sure that Mrs Williams received the compensation she deserved as a result of her accident and the claim settled in the sum of £3,500 which was split between the three Defendants involved.


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