Mrs Smith was shopping with her daughter in a well-known high street store in Wolverhampton when her accident took place.


To get down to the lower level to exit the store, Mrs Smith and her daughter were using the escalators. When they reached the bottom of the escalator, they stepped off and Mrs Smith slipped on what she believed to be a wet patch on the floor. This caused her to fall. As she fell, she grabbed onto the clothes rail next to her in an attempt to stop the fall, but had to let go and fell to the floor. At this point, the shop assistants came over to ask if she was ok and an ambulance was called.


After a long wait for the ambulance, Mrs Smith’s daughter thought it would be a better idea to try to get her down to the car in the basement. With the aid of a wheelchair, they then took her to A&E. When Mrs Smith arrived at hospital she was assessed, and the pain in her knee was diagnosed as a soft tissue injury. She also had a cut on her hand that she’d sustained from holding onto the clothes rail as she fell, which was attended to.


As Mrs Smith was the main carer for her husband she struggled significantly whilst being affected by her injuries, she also had to give up a part time job she enjoyed and her everyday activities became very difficult. Taking this into account, Brett Dixon worked with Mrs Smith to secure her compensation in excess of £3.5K.


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