Mr Agar was walking along a local road on his way to the shops. Whilst walking along the pavement, he noticed an elderly gentleman coming towards him in the opposite direction. As the gentleman came closer, Mr Agar stepped to the other side of the pavement to let the gentleman pass. As he did so, his right foot and walking stick fell into a defect in the surface of the pavement, and as result he lost his balance and fell. Mr Agar landed on his right shoulder and arm and immediately felt pain in his right wrist. On-lookers offered to call an ambulance for Mr Agar, but he declined the offer, not wanting to take an ambulance away from a possible emergency situation. Instead, Mr Agar made his way back to his house, but later that day he felt the pain worsen in his wrist and called his daughter to take him to hospital.


After undergoing x-rays at the hospital, it was found that Mr Agar’s wrist was fractured. This injury made life more challenging for Mr Agar in the weeks that followed. He was unable to do housework, struggled with cooking and food preparation, and his sister had to come in to do the cleaning. His daughter had to help with dressing, shopping and taking Mr Agar to appointments as he was unable to drive. As a result of his accident not only was Mr Agar suffering from broken wrist, but also stiffness in his shoulder which was affecting his sleep.


This case was conducted by Smith Jones expert solicitor Dermot Woodhead, who, working with Mr Agar, secured him a significant settlement of £2.5K


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