Mr Gaffey came to Smith Jones Solicitors after an  accident that took place when he was walking home one evening with his wife. Earlier on in the evening, Mr Gaffey and his wife had dined with their son and one of his friends. They had then kindly given them a lift to a local pub in Solihull. After spending a little time chatting to friends, Mr Gaffey and his wife decided to head home. As it was a nice evening and the pub was only roughly a ten minute walk from their house, so Mr Gaffey and his wife decided to walk.

Whilst walking home, even though there were street lights in the area, there were also quite a few trees which were casting shadows on the pavement. Unfortunately, this obscured the hole in the pavement Mr Gaffey subsequently caught his foot in. As Mr Gaffey’s foot entered the hole he tripped and fell forward landing heavily on his right knee. He tried to get up and continue walking but found that he was in too much pain. He found a wall to sit on and then waited for his wife to walk home, pick up the car and then come back to collect him. When he arrived home, Mr Gaffey tried to get to sleep but was in too much pain and asked his wife to take him to A&E.

When they arrived at A&E an x-ray was taken of Mr Gaffey’s leg. The doctor on duty told him that it was a sprain, and sent him home telling him to take painkillers if needed and to return to a fracture clinic. On attending the fracture clinic, a different doctor examined the x-rays and informed Mr Gaffey that he actually had a fracture and had chipped a bone in his knee. Following this diagnosis, Mr Gaffey had 6 weeks of a full cast, a further 4 weeks of half leg casts, physiotherapy for 6 weeks and finally keyhole surgery.

The accident and resulting injury affected the household tasks Mr Gaffey was able to perform, the hobbies and interests he was able to enjoy and the way he carried out his work when he was able to return.

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