Mrs Haworth was attending her son’s wedding at the time of her accident. The wedding reception was being held at a luxury hotel in Clitheroe, and Mrs Haworth, along with the rest of the wedding party and some of the guests, had booked rooms at the hotel that night.


After the wedding Mrs Haworth and her husband had decided to take some of the flowers up to their room. They had just come through the doorway leading to the stairs and were on the top step, when the heel of Mrs Haworth’s shoe caught in the carpet. This caused her to be thrown forward down three steps, and hit her head on the bannister. When Mrs Haworth tried to stand after the fall, she felt very dazed and was taken to A&E for an assessment. She was discharged with an advice sheet on head injuries; however as a result of her fall, Mrs Haworth suffered from pain in her neck, back and hip as well as headaches.


When Sarah Gilmartin took on the case she worked with Mrs Haworth to make sure she was able to try various treatments to get rid of the stiffness and pain and to get her the compensation she deserved as a result of her accident. This claim was settled in the sum of £14K.


“Thank you Sarah for all the help, support and advice given during my recent injury claim. The outcome of which exceeded my expectations.”


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