Mr Heary’s accident took place when he was on his way home from work one Friday evening. He was sitting in the front passenger seat of his work van, whilst his colleague was driving him home.


Prior to the accident, Mr Heary and his colleague were at the front of a queue of traffic waiting for a set of traffic lights to change to enable them to cross the junction ahead of them.


The traffic lights changed to green, they moved off and were just crossing the junction, when an oncoming vehicle turned into their path and hit the front and driver’s side of the van. Even though Mr Heary was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident, the impact jolted him in his seat. Paramedics were called to the scene, but after a brief discussion no treatment was undertaken at the time of the incident.


As the weekend passed, Mr Heary found that the discomfort in his neck and back increased. By the following Tuesday, he decided to go to the A&E at his local hospital. He was then diagnosed with having sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck and back as a result of the accident.


After a further trip to the GP and the use of painkillers and topical gels, Mr Heary found that the pain in his neck gradually improved, although his back pain still persisted.


Mr Heary came to Smith Jones and Dave Gardner set about getting Mr Heary the compensation he deserved. To do this, he took into account any loss of earnings and travel expenses to make sure Mr Heary was not out of pocket as a result of his accident.


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