Rehabilitation After A Road Traffic Accident

Collisions with other vehicles, objects on the road, and pedestrians are very common in the UK. If you have experienced an accident on the road, then a fast, effective rehabilitation process is extremely important, both for your mental and physical health. Compensation plays a vital role in your recovery.

If you are seriously hurt, your life may need some drastic adjustments. At Smith Jones Solicitors, we have years of experience working with clients who have suffered as a direct result of another individual’s actions on the road and our team are waiting to help.


What kinds of injury can result from a road accident?

Road accidents make up a large proportion of personal injury claims, where clients seek compensation needed for long-term rehabilitation. Accidents on the road can occur in a number of ways and cause injuries such as:


Whilst some road-related injuries can be recovered from in the space of a couple of weeks; others may take months or years for a full recovery. The most serious cases leave victims unable to live their lives in the same way that they once did. The rehabilitation process can put a strain on not only the mental and physical wellbeing of the victim but can also affect loved ones and their future.

There are many benefits to accessing specialist rehabilitation care quickly after a road accident. If you have a successful claim, we can assist you with rehabilitation, removing the financial stress, and giving you the time you need to recover in peace.


Compensation for pain and suffering

Pain and suffering compensation makes up a good portion of any personal injury claim. This helps to relieve the stress brought about by the injury, and the effect on your family. As a stress-free environment is crucial to healthy rehabilitation, this is extremely important.

The exact amount of compensation for pain and suffering differs from case-to-case, with the severity of the injury and the level of pain it has caused, being primary considerations.


Compensation for loss of earnings

Looking to the future, a compensation claim can help you to relieve further stress over a loss of earnings. Both minor and major injuries can have a serious impact on employment, causing some people to take weeks or months off work. Some people even have to forgo regular employment for years.

Worrying about earnings can have a seriously adverse effect on rehabilitation. It can also cause some people to forgo further treatment because they can no longer afford access to it. The immediate loss of earnings due to the accident and future loss of earnings will both be taken into account.

Compensation for additional expenses

In cases of road traffic accidents, there are also additional costs of rehabilitation that must be accounted for in a compensation claim. These again will differ on a case-to-case basis. Additional expenses take into account the immediate rehabilitation needs of an individual and those that may arise in the future. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Home adaptions: serious injuries that result in permanent damage, both mentally and physically, often require specialist adaptions to be made to properties and vehicles
  • Prosthetics or equipment to manage a disability: if the accident has left you with long-term injuries, compensation can be claimed for the equipment that you will require to return to a good standard of living. This can include specialist and day-to-day prosthetics, gym equipment, or mobility equipment
  • Ongoing care: the expenses for long-term care can be unaffordable to many, which is why it is an essential part of any compensation claim where required.
  • Retraining: if your injury has left you unable to return to your previous employment, then a part of your rehabilitation compensation could include the expenses required for retraining in a new profession



How can I make a claim for compensation?

Whether you require ongoing medical treatment and therapy, or changes to your home we are here to assist you.

As soon as you contact us at Smith Jones, we will make sure you get both the compensation you deserve, and specialist care to get better.

With a full understanding of your case and how the injury will affect your future life, our personal injury solicitors will make sure that every aspect of your rehabilitation is accounted for. Having helped so many victims of road traffic accidents gain compensation, and get access to the best physical and psychological support during their rehabilitation, we know the very best option available.

For any questions about claiming compensation for a road traffic injury and advice about compensation for your rehabilitation process, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0800 195 9590.