Motorcyclists split-second decision saves the life of a dozen cyclists

A teacher from Chaddesden, Derby has been hailed a hero, after he made a split-second decision which saved the lives of others but resulted in him being paralysed from the chest down.


Music teacher Chris Toon told the Nottingham Post that he was travelling towards Melton Mowbray when the accident occurred.[1] Heading towards a blind bend, Chris slowed down, but upon doing so he lost control of his motorbike, was dragged onto the opposite side of the road, and when rounding the corner, he found 12 cyclists in his path. In that moment, Chris decided to avoid the cyclists and instead crash into a ditch.[2]


He ended up falling down a 30-foot drop, resulting in more than 30 broken bones, two punctured lungs and also became paralysed from the chest down. He now requires a special wheelchair and home adjustments following his accident. Through various fundraisers, around £17,000 has be raised to go towards buying a wheelchair.[3]


In his decision, Mr Toon made himself the victim, rather than choosing to harm any other road user, he put his own life on the line, and has experienced life changing injuries as a result. He told the BBC that he’d be in a different place if he had hit them and takes some solace in the fact that no-one was hurt.[4]


As a specialist firm of solicitors that only deal with personal injury claims, we see a lot of claims involving accidents on the road. This means that a lot of our clients are victims of road traffic accidents and so we understand the devastating effects an accident can have on the life of a victim, and the victim’s family, especially where serious injuries such as paralysis are concerned.


August is National Road Victims Month, originally set up by the charity RoadPeace to support the victims of road collisions and to campaign for justice for those victims.[5] Much like us, RoadPeace understand the devastating consequences that an accident on the road can have on people, and aim to support them in any way they can.


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