Lancashire asbestos compensation claims nearing £700,000

The Lancashire Evening Post has reported figures nearing £700,000 in compensation for Lancashire Asbestos victims.


County Hall has reportedly paid out £672,094 in compensation with Preston City Council also paying out £14,246.59 to people with conditions linked to asbestos in the past four years.


Those receiving compensation were former employees apart from one. The cases related to mesothelioma, asbestos-related cancer, asbestosis and ‘industrial disease’.


Bev Cullen, the assistant county solicitor for Lancashire County Council, said: “Each claim is considered on its own facts and will be investigated in accordance with the county council’s insurance arrangements.


“Claims payments are made either from the council’s own reserves set aside for this purpose, our insurers, or a combination of the two. It depends on the date of the exposure, and the insurance arrangements that the county council had in place at the time.


“Claims will be investigated when they’re received. Generally the exposure date goes back many decades, so it is difficult to assess future numbers.”


In the document ‘Mesothelioma in Great Britain 2014‘ The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released projections on future trends associated with the rare form of cancer, stating that ‘Most mesothelioma deaths occurring now are a legacy of past occupational exposures to asbestos when it was widely used in the building industry.’


Source: The Lancashire Evening Post. You can read the full article online at: