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Feature: ‘Headway’ The Brain Injury Association

Headway is a charity that aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury. In doing this it provides information, support, and services to survivors of brain injury, their families, and carers.[1]

Smith Jones proudly support this, gaining corporate membership of the charity to formally support the work that Headway do. In addition, one of our senior solicitors at Smith Jones has been a lifetime member of Headway since 1993 and has been involved in many of their events over the years.

Since becoming a registered charity in 1980[2], Headway have campaigned to promote awareness of many types of brain injury and have sought to provide support to those who care for the victims of brain injury. The charity has grown considerably in size and now has around 125 local groups and branches around the UK[3] all of which endeavour to aid the lives of those who are suffering or have suffered, with a serious brain injury.

Brain injuries can have a very serious impact on an accident victim’s life. We see the very harsh reality of this whilst representing clients with brain injuries and so aligned ourselves with Headway to build the best support network we can for those who have had a serious head or brain injury through no fault of their own.

In very serious claims of this nature, a lawyer’s skill set is crucial, they need to have a detailed, technical ability in the law, as well as an understanding of the immediate and ongoing needs of the injured person and their family. More so than in any other area, it is important that a lawyer is up to date and knowledgeable in order to handle the case effectively. Corporate membership of Headway allows us to stay up to date with the latest information from those closest to brain injury victims.

When a client brings a claim for such a devastating injury, our specialists must take into account how the accident has affected every aspect of their life, including career, relationships and the lives of those around them to ensure their financial security post-injury.

In addition to securing head and brain injury compensation, we are also committed to improving the lives of those affected. Our team have extensive experience working alongside brain injury case managers and other professionals responsible for protecting the client’s best interests throughout their rehabilitation.  Over many years, we have established strong working relationships with these professionals to ensure cases involving a serious injury can move forward in the most efficient way possible to support the client’s recovery.

This year, we will take part in a number of charity days to support ‘Headway’, the first of which takes place during Action for Brain Injury Week (8th – 14th May). If you’d like to join us in supporting this fantastic charity you can find out more at:




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