Fall in the number of Welsh motorcycle casualties for the first time since 2011

The number of casualties and fatalities suffered by motorcyclists in Wales has fallen after being on the rise from 2011 to 2014. A recently published Government report shows the number of casualties suffered by motorcyclists in Wales in 2015 to be 693[1]. This has fallen since the previously published report where the figures were recorded at 749[2], the highest recorded figure since 2007.


A spokesperson for the Road Safety Charity, Brake, told the BBC: “In Wales motorcycles make up 0.2% of traffic on the road but account for 41% of deaths and serious injuries. Motorcyclists, along with cyclists and pedestrians, are among the most vulnerable road users. That’s why it’s so crucial drivers remain vigilant at all times, and do everything they can to look out for and protect people around them, whether they’re on motorbikes, bicycles or on foot.”[3]


There’s good news for other parts of the United Kingdom too as reported casualties for motorcyclists in other regions have also decreased since the 2014 report. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland are showing the lowest number of casualties since the report began being annually reported in 1997. The number of casualties that motorcyclists suffer in England has also dropped since the 2014 report.


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Peter Jones, Managing Partner/Director, APIL Fellow

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