Mrs Marsh was getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party, planning to style her hair using curling tongs that she had purchased a few days previously from a well known high street retailer in Burnley. She read the instruction booklet before starting, and then proceeded to plug in the tongs, heating them up to 160°C. The light on the tongs indicated that they had reached the desired temperature, and Mrs Marsh proceeded to curl her hair. She had completed two curls on one side of her head when she realised that she could smell burning. She then saw smoke and heard a hissing noise coming from her hair.


Mrs Marsh quickly realised that the tongs were burning her hair, and immediately switched off the tongs at the mains and unplugged them from the electric socket. She then started to unravel her hair from the tongs; however it became apparent that the tongs had burnt the hair and a portion of her hair dropped to the floor. Unfortunately, as well as burning Mrs Marsh’s hair, the faulty tongs had caused her to sustain burns to the back of her neck. As she was so distressed by the incident, and the unsightly appearance of her hair, she cancelled her plans for the evening.


Mrs Marsh booked herself an appointment at the hairdressers for advice and treatment for her burnt hair. Regrettably however, apart from applying cream to her sustained burns, there was little she could do for her hair apart from let the hair grow back. For the injuries that she sustained, and the distress that was caused, Mrs Marsh received a settlement in excess of £5K.


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