Ms Scott-Farrington’s accident took place when she was cycling through Manchester city centre to go to an exercise class. As the only other route from Ms Scott-Farrington’s house to the class would involve cycling round a very busy roundabout, she preferred to use an underground subway as she felt it was a safer option.

Ms Scott-Farrington was cycling down the slope into the subway and turning right at the bottom to enter the tunnel when the front wheel of her bicycle skidded on the path due to a patch of mud and leaf mulch which had accumulated there. As a result of the skid, she came off the bike and landed on top of it. Immediately, the left side of her chest felt excruciatingly painful and she was unable to get up. A passer-by stopped to help Ms Scott-Farrington to her feet and because she was closer to her exercise class than home, she decided to walk the rest of the way to her class.


Ms Scott-Farrington arrived at the class and sat down for a while to see if the pain would pass when it did not, Ms Scott-Farrington decided to return home. By the following morning, Ms Scott-Farrington could barely move and she had developed multiple large bruises over her body due to the fall. As she knew she would not be able to drive, Ms Scott-Farrington called her mother who collected her and took her to A&E, where she was examined and x-rayed and was diagnosed as having a cracked rib.


As a consequence of her injuries, Ms Scott-Farrington was unable to attend work for a short period of time and was also unable to make use of her gym membership.


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