Mrs Smith was travelling home on a plane from Montego Bay to London Gatwick Airport when her accident occurred.


When Mrs Smith had boarded the plane, she attempted to put her carry-on bag in the overhead locker above her seat, but there were already items placed there. She was then forced to use a space further along, but thought little more of it. An announcement was made over the system that all boxes of duty free drinks should be placed on the floor by seats and not in the overhead lockers. The stewardesses checked the lockers were shut correctly and the flight proceeded as normal.


A short while into the flight a man opened the locker above Mrs Smith to find some belongings, and then returned to his seat. Half an hour later whilst sat down in her seat, a box of what Mrs Smith believed to be rum, fell from the overhead locker onto her head. The owner of the box fetched a stewardess, who brought Mrs Smith water, paracetamol and an ice-pack for the pain and dizziness. Unfortunately Mrs Smith suffered sickness as a result of the injury, and when the flight landed she was helped from the plane, and attended to by a medical officer at the airport who subsequently called for an ambulance to transfer Mrs Smith to hospital. On arrival she underwent a CT scan which showed no brain injury, and Mrs Smith was sent home to recuperate.


Brett Dixon took into account the impact the accident had on Mrs Smith’s daily life, especially as Mrs Smith was a carer for her grandson and she was also unable to carry out all the household tasks she usually would have undertaken. Mrs Smith later received a settlement in excess of £2.5K.


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