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APIL Advanced Brain and Spinal Injury Conference

Brett Dixon

Brett Dixon

Consultant Solicitor and APIL Vice President


During the last week in June, I travelled down to Leicester to fulfil an invitation to speak at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Advanced Brain and Spinal Injury Conference. APIL is the pre-eminent organisation for lawyers committed to the interests of injured people, and helping them effectively at a time when they are in need of help the most.

APIL Conference

Injuries come in all shapes and forms and can occur at any time whether you are at home, out walking or at work.

The most difficult to deal with for the injured person, and their family, are those that are catastrophic in nature. In these situations a lawyer’s skill set is crucial, they need to have a detailed, technical ability in the law, as well as an understanding of the immediate and ongoing needs of the injured person and their family. More so than in any other area, it is important that a lawyer is up to date and knowledgeable in order to handle the case effectively.

That is why conferences and training run by APIL in this particular area are so important, and why Smith Jones, along with myself, are committed to sharing expertise. Without this, or keeping up to date on all the developments in the area, we could not serve our clients at the level that is needed and deserved.

APIL Conference 2

The Speakers

As well as providing training with other leading lawyers at the conference, I was there to learn from a variety of speakers and fulfil my duties as Vice President of APIL. There were many speakers at the conference from different backgrounds such as scientists, medical consultants that have dealt with a wide range of spinal and head injuries & are experts in that field.

APIL Conference

It was an extremely full programme and I am looking forward to putting in to practice everything that was learnt both for the seriously injured clients we as a firm represent, and as
APIL Vice President in fighting for the rights of
all injured people.