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Farming Machinery Claims

Working on a farm can be dangerous, especially as it involves many different kinds of vehicles, machinery and equipment. There are a wide variety of problems that can arise involving farm equipment and machinery with relation to health and safety; and therefore, the owner of the farm must provide all employees with adequate supervision and training to ensure that safe work practices are followed.

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Injured By Farming Machinery Claims

There is a wide variety of machinery and vehicles on a farm and so many scenarios can play out which could result in an injury. The most common forms of farm machinery and vehicles include:

  • Combine Harvesters
  • Tractors
  • Quad Bikes
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Mowers
  • Round Balers
  • Flail and Rotary Mowers
  • Dumper Trucks
  • 4X4 Vehicles
  • Forage Harvesters


These vehicles can become involved in accidents as a result of colliding with other objects or vehicles, overturning, or exposed blades/transmission belts. Injuries caused by such accidents can include anything from minor bruising, cuts and scrapes, to more serious lacerations, whiplash, broken bones, amputations and in certain tragic situations, death.  It is therefore vital that all farm machinery is safe to use, in good working order and is not a risk to the health of anyone working on or visiting the farm.


It is also very important that you have been sufficiently trained and supervised prior to using the equipment.  If you have however been injured by any farming equipment or machinery which was not your fault, then our team of specialist personal injury solicitors are here to help. Contact us on 0800 195 95 90 or fill in our contact form and a member of our friendly and professional team will discuss your options with you.

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FAQ About Farming Machinery Claims

Main Causes of Farming Machinery Accidents

A variety of different health and safety risks can occur when working with farm machinery and vehicles that otherwise could be avoided if proper procedure and training are implemented. These include:

  • Lack of training or inadequate training in the use of farm machinery and vehicles
  • Failure of the farm manager to carry out appropriate risk assessments for machinery and vehicles
  • Employees having a lack of experience working on a particular ground surface
  • Failure to check for bystanders and people passing behind or near the vehicle prior to and during a manoeuvre
  • Failure to read or understand the user instruction manual for the machinery or vehicle being used
  • Dangerous or defective equipment, machinery and vehicles
  • Failure to regularly inspect, repair or maintain the machinery and vehicles



Consequences of Farming Machinery Accidents

The type of accidents that are caused by farm machinery and vehicles varies greatly. Whether you are suffering from a minor injury or something a lot more serious, there may be a loss of earnings or financial loss because of the accident itself and the injuries sustained as a result. You may require continued treatment and care, such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation either for some time after the accident or for the rest of your life. There may also be a need to attend some form of counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help manage and treat any psychological symptoms.



‘CE’ Marked Machinery & Vehicles

The agricultural and farming industry is dangerous, and accidents can happen. This is particularly the case if individuals lack the necessary training or are using defective machinery. With this in mind the Health & Safety Work Regulations require that any new farming machinery, vehicles or equipment should be marked with the letters ‘CE’.


This marking signifies that each and every machine or vehicle on a farm has been designed and constructed to meet the minimum safety regulations. Employees should have access to a workshop manual and be aware of the risks surrounding noise levels and how to prevent them. If any piece of machinery or vehicle on a farm exceeds the legal noise levels, farm managers or owners should provide the correct protection for the individuals using the machinery, vehicles or equipment.



How Do I Make A Claim For A Farm Injury?

At Smith Jones, we have been representing clients for over 30 years. Specialising in personal injury claims, we are here to help you if you have experienced injury as a result of a farm machinery accident that was not your own fault. In order for your claim to be successful, you need to show evidence that proves that the accident you were involved in was not your fault and was caused by someone else’s negligence.


Details of injuries sustained as a result of the accident and evidence that proves the two are connected should also be included as they will help your case and prove that the accident was the result of negligence. This could include that the machinery had not been properly maintained or repaired or that you were not trained to the appropriate standard in the use of that particular piece of equipment. If you would like to make a farming injury claim contact us on 0800 195 95 90 or fill in our contact form for a free consultation with a member of our friendly and professional team.