Smith Jones is one of the UK’s fastest growing personal injury and accident litigation specialists. We put this down to our ability to evolve as our business environment alters and moves forwards. We are an innovative firm which bucks the trend of many law firms in our approach to delivering the highest standard of legal services.


We aim to base every decision we make in the running of our business on high ethical standards. We are determined to maintain our integrity in operating a business that is not only successful but that we can also feel proud about. Our clients best interests have to be at the core of every decision we make.



Plain Speaking

At Smith Jones we pride ourselves on our professional yet “plain speaking” approach. The advice we give is based on many years of experience and stands for itself – without needing to be masked with legal jargon or confusing language.


We understand that having to deal with the law or speak to a lawyer for the first time can be daunting. So, we always take the time to explain what’s going on in a friendly and relaxed way. We talk our clients through their options and aim to clarify the process, step by step.



Providing the highest level of service

It is our duty to provide the best possible service to our clients and to do this we acknowledge that we must recognise our weaknesses and always strive to be better. We are continually developing systems to deliver the highest level of service and overall client experience.


For training and monitoring purposes and to maintain service standards, telephone calls may be recorded. We may refer to it also in the event of a factual dispute as to the contents of a telephone conversation. Any call which is recorded will have an automated warning message so calls will not be recorded without your knowledge and implied consent.




We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as solicitors in England & Wales. Our employees are given regular training on regulatory issues and systems are in place to ensure all queries are referred for consideration to our designated compliance officers.


We provide specific anti-money laundering, solicitors accounts rules and VAT update training to protect our employees, our clients and the firm.



Supporting the Community

We know how important it is to positively engage in the communities in which we work and live and fundraising for local charities, especially those that our employees and their families support, is especially important to us.


In the past, as a firm we have supported a number of National charities including The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Jeans 4 Genes, and the annual Royal British Legion poppy appeal and more recently, we became corporate members of Headway, the Brain Injury Association. We encourage our employees to take part in fundraising for their chosen charity wherever possible, a number of these include: Save the Children, Breast Cancer Care, East Lancashire Hospice, Children in Need, Macmillan, Alzheimer’s Society and Yorkhill children’s charity.



Mutual respect

Because we specialise solely in the area of Personal Injury we quite often receive enquiries about areas of law that we do not handle. When this situation arises we try to recommend another Solicitor within our community that fits the clients’ needs. This ensures a healthy working relationship amongst the firms and retains the business for our community whilst guiding the client to a firm with the correct expertise for their issue.



Environmental impact

We acknowledge that our business, like most others, can have an impact on the environment and we are continually working to reduce this impact through development of strategies and systems. We are also mindful of environmental responsibilities when selecting suppliers and aim to use those with responsible credentials. The main areas that we have been working to develop are:


Recycling/Waste reduction & disposal

We are extremely conscious of responsible waste disposal. We have recycling banks on site that are used for paper, plastic & cardboard. We dispose of I.T equipment in line with environmental legislation. We save used printer toners and cartridges and when we require replacements, we return these to our suppliers for re-use.


Each of our offices is fitted with telephone conferencing facilities and our employees are encouraged to use these wherever possible to minimise travel between offices and appointments.
Consolidated I.T Systems – Reducing the amount of energy used in our I.T activities. We have also opted for ‘Follow me’ printing which allows each individual to save their printing to a user box and then print out what is actually necessary to print in one go – this helps us to reduce re-printing and wasted prints.


Ethical Marketing

We are proud to support the ‘Ethical Marketing Charter’ As a signatory of the Charter, we are demonstrating our commitment to responsible, transparent and professional marketing in the Personal Injury sector.



Ethical Marketing Charter commitments
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against nuisance marketing – they never cold call or send spam texts or spam emails.
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against the unethical buying and selling of accident data – they never misuse accident data to pressure people into making a claim.
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against inappropriate and misleading advertising – they never induce personal injury claims by making false or misleading promises in their advertising, and are clear and upfront about any exclusions to no win, no fee.

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